• 6 modes. 1 Device

    Acoustic micro-vibration technology 3 Levels of intensity 2 color photon LED light modes 10000(+100/0)rpm Vibration Frequency.

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How to use: The Avec Prestige Pro 

Find out how to use each function and learn benefits

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How to use: The Avec Prestige Pro 

Find out how to use each function and learn the benefits!

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Avec Prestige Pro Facial Device

Self care at home

Now you can spend 15 minutes a day looking and feeling better with a touch of a button.

Travel friendly

One device that replaces the bulk and weight of five others. Easy to fit in your carry on or luggage. TSA approved.

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Avec Prestige Pro Facial Device

Cleans Skin 5X Deeper

Ultrasonic vibration and heat opens pores to remove excess dirt and oil, leaving skin with a professional level cleanse and polished glow.

Cool Compress

With no refrigeration needed, the sonic plate quickly cools and soothes redness, decreases inflammation, refines pores, and boost circulation, Increasing blood flow, assisting the speed of skin recovery.


Nutrient Induction Enabling maximum absorption benefits of serums and sheet masks. Using heat and vibration to increase penetration to deepen the saturation of skincare products to soften fine lines with moisture inducing benefits. Getting the most out of products with a just a touch of a button.

LED Light Therapy

Blue light targets and kills acne causing bacteria preventing and addressing current skin blemishes. Red light targets fine lines and wrinkles, going deep into the epidermis repairing broken skin tissues while boosting blood circulation.


(EMS) Electrical Muscle Stimulation causes muscles to contract as if they were working, addressing weakened muscle tissue and targeting loose saggy skin outlining the face. While Increasing circulation and elastin in the face and neck whilst stimulating blood flow for glowing skin.

Collagen Synthesis

Cools the skin to 42°F to instantly shrink pores, and locks in serums nutrition. Firms skin while reducing facial fatigue and inflammation. Reduces the appearance of puffy eyes and fine lines leaving skin firm and toned.

The ultimate anti-aging boosters! Beauty starts from the inside-out!

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