Why the Avec?

The Avec Prestige Pro stands out from the competition with its unparalleled combination of advanced features, ensuring a skincare experience that goes beyond the ordinary...

Comprehensive Skincare Solutions:
- Unlike other devices, the Avec Prestige Pro offers a holistic approach to skincare with its 6-in-1 functionality. From LED light therapy targeting fine lines to micro-current stimulation for muscle toning, it covers a broad spectrum of skincare needs in one compact device.

Versatility and Multi-Functionality:
- The device seamlessly transitions between modes, providing a versatile skincare routine. Whether you're cleansing, enhancing product absorption, or indulging in a cooling compress, the Avec Prestige Pro adapts to your skincare preferences effortlessly.

Professional-Level Cleansing:
- The combination of ultrasonic vibration and heat sets the Avec Prestige Pro apart in terms of deep cleansing capabilities. It doesn't just remove excess oil and dirt; it delivers a professional-level cleanse, leaving your skin polished and radiant.

Maximized Product Absorption:
- The device revolutionizes the way you use skincare products. By combining heat and vibration, it ensures maximum absorption of serums and sheet masks, allowing you to extract the full benefits of your favorite skincare products with just a touch of a button.

Efficient Cold Compress:
- Unlike other devices requiring refrigeration, the Avec Prestige Pro's sonic plate provides a quick and effective cold compress. It soothes, reduces redness, and aids in the speedy recovery of your skin without the hassle of pre-chilling.

Collagen Synthesis for Lasting Results:
- The device takes skincare to the next level by promoting collagen synthesis. Cooling the skin to 42°F, it instantly tightens pores, locks in serums, and leaves your skin firm, toned, and revitalized, distinguishing it as a leader in anti-aging technology.

In essence, the Avec Prestige Pro is not just a device; it's a revolutionary skincare companion that combines cutting-edge technology, versatility, and efficiency to provide a spa-like experience at home. Elevate your skincare routine with a product that doesn't just keep up with the trends but sets them. #AvecPrestigePro #SkincareInnovation #BeautyRedefined